Step 1 - Configure Skybox Credentials

Make sure you request new Skybox credentials and then configure in Reconciler so your company can begin syncing POs.

Step 2 - Configure Payment Logins

Add all of your payment logins to Reconciler to begin syncing with transactions from all of your credit cards, bank accounts, and other financial accounts.

Step 3 - Configure Auto Purchase tool

Your Auto Purchase tool will need to be configured to properly create credit card and vendor data when creating POs. It's important to ensure that POs are being created as Unpaid in Skybox, which is a setting in your Auto Purchase tool.

Step 4 - Add Expense Accounts

Expense accounts can be used to categorize transactions that are not associated with ticket purchases. You can import your expense accounts from Quickbooks or manually add them to your account.

Step 5 - Add more Users

Add more users to your company so all of your employees can access Reconciler.

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