Note: You can perform the exact same steps to update expense accounts or add new expense accounts from Quickbooks. Reconciler will not duplicate an account that has already been created.

Step 1 - Export your chart of accounts from Quickbooks

  • Log into quickbooks and browse to File -> Utilities -> Export -> Lists to IIF files.

Step 2 - Select Chart of Accounts from the Export list and click "OK"

  • Select "Desktop" or some other destination to export the file to and then you should see "Your data has been exported successfully."

Step 3 - Import Chart of Accounts file into Reconciler

  • Log into Reconciler and browse to Company Settings -> Expense Accounts and click "Quickbooks Import"

Browse and select the .IIF file you exported from Quickbooks, click "Submit" and you should see a confirmation that your Expense Accounts have been imported successfully as well as all of your expense accounts listed below.

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