Here are the various things you should make sure you're aware of when first begin to use Reconciler. From setting up your account to being aware of our most powerful features, take a look and make sure you learn how to best use our system.

Make sure all your Payment Logins are added

One of the keys to using Reconciler properly is making sure you add all of your payment logins to sync all accounts. Even if some accounts are used mostly for business expenses, configure the accounts, and we'll teach you how to categorize various types of transactions. First and foremost though, make sure you add all your accounts and sync all of your company's transactions.

Make sure all credit card and vendor data is correct for POs

Once you've requested and configured your Skybox credentials, you'll want to make sure your POs are being created with the correct vendor and credit card data. This will help you more accurately match with transactions and allow Reconciler to automate more often. Check out your Skybox credit card settings and Auto Purchaser to set up your credit cards and purchase settings to make sure everything is properly being included when a PO is created.

Add some Accounts and Rules to easily categorize transactions

In Reconciler, we not only allow you to assign transactions to POs, but you can also categorize all of your other business expenses. Create different Accounts to allow yourself to assign transactions and keep track of spending for things such as shipping, office supplies, and other business expenses.

Check out the Reconcile View

The reconcile view is where you'll spend a lot of your time cleaning up POs and transactions. Here is where you'll do some more of the manual work you may be required to tackle such as handling multiple transactions on one PO, one transaction being used on multiple POs, and reconciling POs and transactions that might have incomplete or imperfect data.

Automate your reconciling with the Suggestions View

With all your data syncing properly and you now being familiar with how POs and transactions get reconciled, take the time to check out our suggestions view. On this view, you can see our system providing suggested matches that can easily be reconciled with the click of a button. Just verify the details of the PO and transaction including the date, amount and last 4 details and start approving your matches to begin reconciling.

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