Log into your account and browse to Company Settings -> Marketplaces -> and click "Add New Marketplace".

You will be asked to type in a label and enter your Vivid Seats API token. You can type in anything for the label or just enter "Vivid" and be sure to leave "Active" checked.

Your Vivid Seats API Token can be found by logging into the Vivid Seats Broker Portal -> Developers.

Click "Create New Token" enter "Seat Scouts" for the description, click "Create" and then make sure to copy the fully exposed API token as you will not be able to view the complete token again after this.

Paste the API token copied in the last step into the "API Token" field, make sure "Active" is checked and click "Confirm".
This will kick off an initial pull of Vivid Seats payments from the beginning of the year and will continue to pull down new payments daily.

Reconciler will attempt to re-process old payments that could not be processed every day when this task runs. A summary email will be sent to the notification email configured in your company settings any time a payments status has been changed.

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